IMPORTANT NOTICE: Jobs & employment scams

It has been noted that Mars Recruitment has recently been used as part of a WhatsApp scam with people pretending that they are from Mars Recruitment. Our name and logo have been used on documentation without authority. Recently, the use of Facebook has also been flagged. This is not a genuine employee of Mars Recruitment.

Jobs and employment scams trick you into handing over your money by offering you a ‘guaranteed’ way to make fast money or a high-paying job for little effort. There has recently been an increase in reported scams and instances of fraud across the recruitment sector within the Asia Pacific region.

Warning signs: how to spot a job or employment scam

  • You come across an advertisement, receive an email, SMS or WhatsApp message, letter or phone call offering you a guaranteed income or job.
  • A scammer purporting to be a Mars Recruitment consultant contacts you on a social media or job board platform:
    • Warning signs include a suspicious profile image, lack of genuine profile information, activity or contact details.
    • If in doubt, ask the individual to send you an email from their Mars Recruitment email address. An email from a Mars Recruitment consultant will be sent from the official Mars Recruitment domain e.g.
  • The message may claim lots of money can be made with little effort using your personal computer, or guarantee large returns.
  • The message asks you to provide personal details or a fee for more information about the job or start-up materials.
  • You are asked to transfer money on behalf of someone else, which may be money laundering.

Mars Recruitment would never send unsolicited text messages via WhatsApp or any media platform asking for direct payment and all correspondence will come from official email accounts.

If you suspect you have been targeted by a recruitment scam, please contact ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) or ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) in Australia.

If you are in Australia and have exchanged any personal information with a suspected scammer, please report this immediately to the ACSC.

For tips about online safety and security and an Australian Government directory for where to get help see the Be safe Be alert online quick reference guide.

Please get in contact with Mars Recruitment at if you have any further concerns.

We have reported this to the police, ScamWatch, as well as Australian Cyber Security Centre.