MARS Recruitment Technology Lead, Charles D. Cartney


May 8, 2020

I have found recently I have had a lot of questions around video interviews. While a lot of us are now comfortable using Webex, Zoom, Microsoft teams etc. for meetings, it can be very different dynamics when conducting a job interview via video.

I personally have always been a fan of face-to-face meetings where you can assess soft skills and really get to know someone. However, as a necessity, it is great to see that both businesses and job seekers are adapting to the new environment.

The recruitment experts at MARS share some of their tips to ace your video interviews

Log in early and set up devices properly. While I feel this is common sense it really is important. We can all feel nervous at the best of times for interviews, so logging in early and make sure everything is working is critical. Also, make sure that devices have adequate charge and the internet connection is stable.

Dress well. Yes, we have all seen the memes of “zoom meetings”, where people are dressed well from the waist up, but dressing well is especially important. Essentially, you should do exactly what you do for a face-to-face meeting and be well presented. I personally feel that dressing well often helps with doing well in an interview.

Don’t stress about technical issues. Inevitably tech problems will happen. Someone will misread the time, you will cut off or something else will go wrong. Just breathe you won’t “loose the job” over a glitch. Fixing the problem may even be a good, to have a laugh over it when you pick the call back up and improves rapport.

Make sure you are somewhere where you will be comfortable. You may very well be there for an hour or longer and you really want to make sure you have a good seat, lighting etc.

Remove distractions if possible. While it happens, the cat, dog or children can pop up on video meetings, so do your best to get some privacy so there are limited distractions. However, if it happens, don’t stress and relax back into the conversation.

Charles has been working in the recruitment market in Melbourne for 5 years and is the lead for the technology recruitment practice at MARS. Need more tips or want to takw the next steps in your career? Contact Charles at [email protected]



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