MARS Recruitment’s IT Recruitment Lead, Charles D. Cartney shares his thoughts and wrap-up for the quarter for hiring Melbourne tech talent.



March 31, 2021

MARS Recruitment’s IT Recruitment Lead, Charles D. Cartney shares his thoughts and wrap-up for the quarter for hiring Melbourne tech talent.

“It has been a very busy quarter for us in the technology team. We have seen a dramatic increase in technology role requirements, a lot of this relates to roles and projects being on hold in 2020. However, business confidence is now up and inevitably hires being actioned.”

Current Landscape Technology – Melbourne

The market has shifted very quickly from being “job short” to being “candidate short.” There has been a huge increase in roles available and many job seekers having multiple offers or processes on at any given time. With an estimated 900,000 + professionals leaving Australia in 2020 this has further exacerbated the skills shortage.

Market continuing to get stronger and more roles available. Business confidence is up, projects are kicking off, hiring is very busy and a major priority for businesses – technology particularly.

Increase in Permanent opportunities. Generally, there was not many permanent roles around in 2020 comparatively before COVID. There has been a major shift in 2021, where last year we were 90%+ contract heavy now it has evened out to around 50/50 in terms of contract/ permanent roles.

Advice for Hiring in Current Market

The key is to move processes quickly / efficiently. Particularly in technology, candidates are often having multiple opportunities at any given time and being ‘slow’’ at the moment businesses are losing out. I personally have had 5 candidates this quarter alone “back out” of roles after singing contracts – it is truly a hot market.

Offer longer-term contracts where possible (try to avoid less than 6 months). This is common sense, but given the market is so hot short-term roles are not attractive at the moment. Last year, many were looking and would be happy to take them but it is a much harder sell when the market is going strongly.

Utilize video interviews as much as possible given the strong shift towards this off the back of COVID. This is pretty standard now, but again using video and other technology to move things along is important.

Pay at market rates. In 2020, many businesses were able to hire great talent for / below market rates due to the lack of supply of roles. This has shifted dramatically, particularly in technology most people know how much they should be paid. Businesses not meeting this will inevitably fall and lose the best people.

Charles has been working in the recruitment market in Melbourne for over 5 years and is the lead for the technology recruitment practice at MARS Melbourne. Need to find the perfect fit for your IT team? Start a conversation with Charles today at [email protected]



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