March 8th, International Women’s Day, is a global day that recognises and celebrates the many achievements of women, and a day to mark action for a more gender-balanced world and challenge stereotypes women face.


To celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate some of the strong and talented women that lead the way at MARS Recruitment, sharing their inspirations, successes and what this day means to them.


1. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Alli: It’s acknowledging the progression of our society and the admiration I have for female leaders who are strong, compassionate and willing to keep developing themselves.

Zoya: A time to celebrate the inspiring women around us. To give praise to those who may not be in the limelight but are just as important contributors to success.

Lorna: We have many days that get celebrated for many reasons. I think any day celebrating something positive is a good thing for society in general.

2. Who has been an inspiration to your career and why?

Lorna: My own grandmother – although she passed away when I was young, she has always made her presence felt and is quite possibly the tiniest but strongest lady I have met.

Alli: For my own career, Lorna Lewis. She has always been a strong presence of leadership, growth and supporting family choices.

Zoya: Every woman I have had the pleasure of working alongside. Each one has taught me an element of what I still live by today.

3. What’s your secret to success?

Zoya: Being part of something you are passionate about.

Alli: Honest, hard work, stay driven.

Lorna: What measures success? I don’t consider myself to be any more successful than those around me. Faith and determination count for a lot though.

4. What career advice do you have for aspiring young women?

Lorna: Breathe. Listen. Be grateful. Be strong

Alli: Find a good mentor!

Zoya: Do something you love. Something that drives you and pushes you past your limit. Don’t stop where you are!



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