We truly believe that embracing diversity and inclusion is critical to an organisation’s success and competitiveness.  At MARS, we consider ourselves an industry leader in this space.  We actively promote and celebrate diversity in the workplace, both within our own organisation and through educating clients and candidates about its benefits.

Diversity at Mars

Cultural equality
We embrace cultural equality in our recruitment process, as well as employing individuals from an array of cultural backgrounds, ethnic origins, religious beliefs and spoken languages. In fact, our team currently represent 19 different nationalities from China, Russia, Iraq, South Africa, France, India, Italy, Sri Lanka and the Philippines – just to name a few.

Gender equality
We embrace gender equality and celebrate women in the business world. Currently 68 per cent of our employees are female, including our Chief Executive and Founder Lorna Alstin.


Flexible work arrangements
We openly support and promote flexible work arrangements for parents and employees who require greater flexibility in their professional lives.  15% of our employees are part-time and others enjoy the benefits of flexible work arrangements, choosing to spend some of their time working from the office and some days at home.  In a business like MARS where we manage to results, we trust people to get on with the job at hand whether they are suited and booted in the office or at home.


Clients and candidates

Our approach to diversity extends far beyond our people to our clients and candidates.  We initiate and run networking functions to promote and discuss diversity.  These functions often include presentations from keynote speakers or industry experts.


We actively offer our clients diversity-focused market mapping services and are able to include a targeted percentage of diverse candidates on shortlists for the roles we recruit.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to know more about our commitment to diversity, we’d love to hear from you!


Please contact your nearest MARS office or email: diversity@MARSrecruitment.com.au

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