Our people are just as important as our clients. We’re always on the lookout for talented professionals to help us achieve our potential. If you wish to work with a supportive company that gives you freedom and flexibility as well as a rewarding work environment, we want to hear from you.

Why work with us?

Great mentorship, an innovative culture and rewarding commissions are just some of the reasons we have such low consultant turnover.

Flex your creative muscles
Experience the freedom of doing things your way, and having your ideas heard and acted upon. We’re open to change and actively seek input from our consultants.

Expand your horizons
Grow your skillset and career prospects with a strong brand, mentoring programs with industry leaders, and career progression with the option to transfer between offices Australia-wide.

Roll up your sleeves
We proactively interact with clients, enjoying great working relationships built through mutual respect and understanding.

Get ready for great things
We’re having a growth spurt and it isn’t slowing down. If you’re keen to be part of something big and in it for the long haul, we want you with us on the journey.

Skills & experience

Mars consultants aren’t your average recruiters. We don’t micromanage so you’ve got to be a self-starter with a lot of drive and initiative. A sense of humour is also a must – we are always professional but don’t take ourselves too seriously.We look for:

People skills
Nurturing and building relationships with clients is a huge part of our work. Getting on with your co-workers and directors is also important. Egomaniacs and the humourless need not apply.

A reputation for success
Our history of success is down to the people who work for us, so we’re looking for like-minded individuals who are well on the way to carving out their own niche.

We welcome experienced recruiters who stick around long enough to make an impact. We all know the heavy costs associated with taking on new hires.

A background in finance, accounting, IT or marketing is well regarded. We love to meet people with a range of complementary skills that add value to our service.

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